Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sony MDR-V6 and MDR-7506 ear pad mod

The Sony MDR-V6 and 7506 studio monitor headphones are extremely well built professionally styled headphones.  However, if you have done any research into these headphones you will soon discover that the only main issue people have with these headphones is the quality and comfort of the included ear pads.  I can confirm that this is a true issue, as my Sony MDR-7506 ear pads wore out very quickly, about two years.  How fast your ear pads degrade varies, but one thing is for sure: If you use them often they will wear out at an alarming rate.

Sony MDR-7506 with ear pad mod
Fortunately there is a solution to this problem, and the solution lies in the Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Velour pads.  These replacement pads can be found on Amazon (I will provide a link below), and are actually replacement pads for the Beyerdynamic headphones.  Fortunately, the dimensions of these Beyerdynamic headphones are EXACTLY the same as the Sony MDR-V6 and 7506.  The velour pads fit my Sony's as if they were designed for them, I even think they fit better than the stock pads.  The velour pad mod will significantly increase the comfort and longevity of your headphones.  My ears no longer get hot and sweaty after long listening sessions, and the velour material is much more soft and comfortable than the stock "pleather" Sony pads.  Although the velour pads are relatively expensive for simply being ear pads (rough $25 dollars), they offer a substantial increase in comfort and longevity and honestly get rid of the only significant negative associated with the Sony MDR-V6 and 7506.  These headphones are already great, and these pads make them even better.
As you can see the Beyerdynamic cans
have exactly the same dimensions and
looks as the Sony MDR-V6 cans (to the right)

The velour pads on the Beyerdynamic
head set (left) fit the MDR-V6 and 7506
perfectly due to extremely similar designs

*This mod reportedly works with the Audio Technica ATH-M50's, although I have not tried this mod myself with the M50's.

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  1. This MDR fine but 10/10 is the new Zomo HD 2500 flawless, you think is a hometheater.