Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Overwerk, an electronic music artist

This is the first of an occasional off- topic post that I will be doing once in a while on this blog, and it has to do with a not very well known but very talented electronic artist by the name of Overwerk.  I listen to many different genres of music (jazz, rock, soundtrack, classical, dubstep, electronic, trance, you name it! I dislike country however) and I thoroughly enjoy this music.  As of this writing, Overwerks new album is slated to come out tomorrow (the 29th of November), he currently has one full album and one single on iTunes right now.  On top of the fact that I love the music, I love that most of the songs are free!  Many of Overwerk's singles and collaboration tracks cannot be found on iTunes but can found as a free listen and download on Soundcloud.  I will be sure to link the iTunes, Soundcloud and a song that has been posted and is apparently the "official" Overwerk channel on YouTube below.                                                                                                  
CLICK HERE for Overwerk iTunes link
CLICK HERE for Overwerk on Soundcloud
CLICK HERE for Overwerk's Facebook page
CLICK HERE for Overwerk's website

Buzzin', part of Overwerk's first EP "the Nth Degree" which can be found on iTunes.

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