Monday, November 26, 2012

Sennheiser HD 448 vs. Sennheiser HD 449. Which one is better? Are they the same?

Sennheiser HD 448
Sennheiser HD 449
This is rather a product choice announcement rather than an in depth headphone review or analysis, however I have received many questions from folks on the internet asking me whether or not there is a major difference between the Senneheiser HD 448 and HD 449.

In terms of sound quality, there really isn't.  I have listened to both headphones, especially the HD 449 and can confirm to everyone in the utmost confidence that there is absolutely no perceivable sound quality difference between the two.  They are both constructed from the same plastic, and both have similar ear cups and driver housings.  I can guarantee with almost 100% certainty that both units are using the exact same driver (which I believe is a 40mm).  The cords are the same, the headband is similar, the ear cups are similar and the ear pads are similar and both are manufactured from the same "pleather" material.  Both headphones even have the same 32Ohm impedance and 40mm driver units.  They are both nearly identical hence the small number jump: 448 to 449.  The only major difference is really from the aesthetics stand point.  I personally think the HD 449's look a little bit sleeker than the HD 448's.  Essentially my recommendation is this: If you can find both for around the same price, get the one that looks better to you.  Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest shelling out an extra $20 to $30 dollars on the 449's as the sound quality is identical!

CLICK HERE for the Sennheiser HD 448 Product Page

CLICK HERE for the Sennheiser HD 449 Product Page

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  1. I always use Zomo HD 2500 because they had a very low impedance, and you know what that means.