Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sony XB-1000 Extra Bass Headphones Newly Released

Bassheads:  It would seem that Sonys got you covered. Officially the biggest consumer headphone on the market as of this writing in terms of driver size, the Sony MDR XB-1000 Extra Bass headphones have 70 mm dome type driver units (to put this in perspective the Sennheiser HD 800's have a 56 mm driver unit) a frequency response of 2- 30,000 Hz (I cant even believe headphones could get down that low) 24 Ohm impedance and a sensitivity of 106 dB/mW. They can easily be driven from an iPod/ iPhone/ MP3 player without an amp (surprisingly). Sonys list price is $299.99 U.S dollars. Now the million dollar question, despite all the hype do they actually sound good?  Can they actually reproduce music that doesn't sound like you've tied a subwoofer with rubber bands onto your head? That remains to be seen but the initial reviews I have read look promising. If your a bass head then these look like the cans for you, they are currently only sold in stores in Asia, but you can get them off Amazon and shipped to your front door even if you live in other countries.  The box will be in Japanese writing as will the instruction manual but the text on the sides of the cans are in English (at least thats what I saw in an unboxing video on YouTube) and who needs an instruction manual to listen to headphones? And dont those king size ear cushions look so comfortable?

I will be sure to write a future blog post covering the features and overall sound and build quality of the XB 1000's once I get a chance to take a listen.  Look for a link below to my blog post once it is completed, but for now here is a link of a simple review and a few pictures of the king sized extra bass headphones.

CLICK HERE for a simple review link and picture of the Sony XB-1000's

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  1. Wow amazing design and great Specs! I love the Sony brand!
    They are also rather comfortable!
    Also see these!
    Zomo HD 2500