Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First listen: Ultrasone Pro 900's

Another great pair of headphones I tried on recently was the Ultrasone Pro 900's.  They are closed a closed back headphone design.  The Pro's 900's have a frequency response of 6-42,000Hz, a 40Ohm impedance (can be driven by iPods or other similar portable devices but I would recommend an amp for improved sound quality and louder volume levels) and 40mm titanium plated drivers.  They come with two extra velour pads to add to the ones already on the phone's.  In the box two cables are supplied (one coiled and one straight) and the coiled cord ends in a 1/4 adapter for professional and studio applications.  An instruction manual and a test audio CD are also supplied.  Additionally, the Pro 900's come with an extremely nice hard carrying case, that houses the two cables, the spare velour pads as well as the headphones themselves.

My opinion of the Ultrasone Pro 900's is mixed.  While they have great overall sound quality, extreme comfort, well controlled bass and exceptional build quality, but they do seem slightly overpriced by about $50 to $75 dollars.  There is a curve to the frequency response: they are relatively bass heavy but the bass is controlled, clean and nicely implemented.  They have an ever so slightly recessed mid range but it is nearly imperceptible.  The higher range on these headphones produced a little too much sibilance for my tastes and the high's a relatively sparkly.  The combination of pronounced bass as well as pronounced high's is what most likely contributes to the sensation of slight mid range recession with the Pro 900's. A balanced model of the Pro 900's with a more evenly distributed frequency response is sold by Ultrasone but costs significantly more money to purchase (which is pretty ridiculous considering the balanced and unbalanced models are virtually the same product).  The Pro 900's retail for $549.99 on the Ultrasone website (which is extremely overpriced) but these cans can be found for around $300 to $350 dollars on Amazon (which is actually relatively reasonable).  In this way, I would not recommend the Pro 900's at full retail price but would recommend them if they can be found for around the $300 dollar mark.  On the Ultrasone website they keep preaching this supposed amazing technology called S-Logic.  They describe S-Logic as being a way to create a more 3-Dimensional and natural sound experience, similar to a high end surround sound system.  To be honest, this S-Logic technology was not apparent in the Ultrasone Pro 900's at all.  They didn't sound any more three dimensional than my Sony MDR-7506's.  However, all things considered when you factor in the phenomenal build quality and pretty incredible sound quality, these aren't a bad buy if they can be found at a reasonable price.  These are an amazing alternative to the Beats Pro line.

 CLICK HERE for the link to the Ultrasone Headphone website

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